Mobile Diagnostic & Health Screening

Our dedicated mobile health team takes great care with every step in our turnkey process, from initial member outreach and communication to scheduling and visit completion, including member education, to ensure a safe, seamless and positive experience for your members. Our leadership team routinely receives calls to compliment our staff on how they took the time to explain each step and make the member feel cared for throughout the process. Our goal is to help our clients achieve 5 STAR performance in critical HEDIS measures while exceeding on member care and satisfaction.

What We Do

We offer Diabetic Eye Exams and Bone Mineral Density Testing for at-risk patients in the convenience of their own home, in primary care provider clinics, or during community events.

How are we different?

  1. VuePoint is a mobile IDTF provider, which enables us to submit claims for the services we perform, eliminating manual steps for you.

  2. We include all relevant CPT, CPT II, and ICD-10 codes on our claim submission

    1. Did you know there are over 3-dozen types of pathology visible in the retina when interpreted by an eye specialist?

    2. At least 4 of those ICD-10 codes tie directly to HCC codes, improving Risk Adjustment capture for your plan

    3. CPT II codes. While we’re all in this to improve patient outcomes, we go the extra mile to ensure your quality program is automatically credited for each completed exam. All of our claims include the relevant CPT II codes for proper documentation, once again eliminating manual work for you!

  3. Quarterly reviews – we work directly with your corporate and market leadership to report on our performance, with relevant reports provided daily, weekly, monthly and formal reviews held quarterly to track total progress to goal.

We not only record some of the highest success (reach, schedule, completion) rates in the industry, but we also automate every possible step in the process to reduce or eliminate administrative burden on your team while ensuring you close every possible gap.

Diabetic Eye Exams

Diabetic retinopathy is THE leading cause of preventable vision loss and blindness among working age adults. The CDC estimates nearly 25,000 patients with diabetes lose their vision to this disease every year, and yet DR-related vision loss is 95% preventable with early diagnosis and treatment! At VuePoint Diagnostics we are dedicated to helping eliminate every unnecessary case of blindness possible. Our mobile team serves payers and providers to reach diabetic patients who are unable or unwilling to visit a eye specialist to receive their annual DRE.

Bone Mineral Density Testing

Osteoporosis is a troubling disease that causes bones to weaken and break more easily. Our mobile screening team helps connect at-risk patients in need of routine testing to help prevent problems, and performs timely exams on patients post-fracture.

Blood Pressure Checks

Measuring and documenting blood pressure when it’s IN RANGE is critical to ensuring a high performance HEDIS program. We gather blood pressure readings from the comfort of the member’s own home, reducing “white coat syndrome” impact and enabling an accurate score.

Where We Go


Keep your members safe and comfortable while providing care.

Provider Offices

Pre-scheduled member screening days in primary care offices.

Community Events

Easily connect with your members at community events.

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How can we serve you?

The results are clear:

The VuePoint Advantage

Highest success rate/patient encounter
Our highly trained staff has a 3-year average capture rate of >99%!

HEDIS/Quality Improvement
We submit claims directly to payers and always include relevant CPT, CPT II and ICD codes to ensure your quality gap closes automatically and all identified conditions are properly documented.

Medicare contractor
We maintain IDTF and mobile radiology licenses with CMS, as well as direct contracts with many commercial and Medicare Advantage plans.

24/7/365 call center
Patients typically respond better to physician outreach but if you need some assistance with scheduling, our call center is at the ready!