For Healthcare Providers

Our on-demand mobile diagnostics team helps you:

  • Improve patient access to care, satisfaction and outcomes
  • Provide better chronic care management through early screening & diagnosis (patient results returned directly to you)
  • Increase practice revenues from performance on HEDIS® quality gaps

Our staff provides screening exams for your patients directly in your office during pre-scheduled event days.


  • Quick (5 minute) exam to acquire retinal images
  • Images reviewed by Board Certified Ophthalmologists
  • Diagnostic report returned to you within 1-2 business days


  • Improve outcomes with increased access. Offering your patients this fast, simple exam helps improve compliance and uncover early signs of eye disease, so you can quickly triage and refer patients for intervention.
  • No cost, no hassle for you. Our staff sets up in your office, performs exams, then submits claims.
  • Greater patient satisfaction. Patients tell us they appreciate having this exam in their PCP office.
  • One exam, many diagnoses. Did you know? In addition to DR, more than three dozen diseases are detectable in the retina! We return a detailed diagnostic report that includes any vision-threatening abnormality identified and a detailed care management plan for you to follow.

We use the latest in ultrasound-based technology with the Sunlight MiniOmni™ bone densitometry solution providing an accurate, non-invasive and radiation-free monitoring for osteoporosis assessment.


  • Quick (2 minute) exam
  • Results are verified by Board Certified Radiologists
  • Diagnostic report returned to you within 1-2 business days

The VuePoint Advantage