Mobile Medical Diagnostic & Screening Services

We connect patients with advanced medical technology and a team of remote specialists to improve access to care, outcomes, patient satisfaction, and quality performance revenue. We deploy only Joint Commission-accredited specialist networks, ensuring safety, security and accuracy. 

We provide on-demand clinical imaging and diagnostic services, including digital X-ray, Ultrasound, Echocardiogram, and ECG/EKG services. 

Our certified radiology and ultrasound technicians provide prompt, rapid-response examinations with results and interpretations issued by U.S. based, Board-certified Radiologists & Cardiologists.

Our turnkey mobile exam screening services include diabetic eye exams and bone mineral density testing, with scheduling, exams and results provided by our skilled and agile team of experienced technicians.

Conveniently performed in the comfort of patient’s homes, at their PCP office and during community events. We excel at getting patients and technology in the same room to complete important exams. 

The VuePoint Advantage

VuePoint was built from the ground up to connect patients with critical diagnostic and screening services via targeted delivery of skilled clinicians and technology directly to patients.

Patient Focused Service

Mobile & Easily Accessible

High Speed Results