Skilled Nursing Facilities

  • Prevent expensive and unnecessary ambulance trips and emergency room visits
  • Our technologists and our mobile digital imaging equipment visit your residents bedside in their own rooms
  • Exam reports are available promptly, allowing you to quickly know how to proceed

VuePoint strives to streamline the care rendered by skilled nursing facilities by providing quick, convenient, and professional imaging and diagnostic services. This allows residents to remain in the comfort of their own beds and avoid the inconvenience of an ambulance ride unless absolutely necessary.

When a resident requires pre-admission testing or experiences a medical issue, the VuePoint team will provide nursing facility medical services by arriving onsite and utilizing remote digital imaging technology to obtain the requested images. Images are then sent to U.S.-based, Board certified Radiologists/Cardiologists who provide interpretation and issue comprehensive reports to aid your staff as they decide the proper medical treatment for the patient.

Reports will be issued promptly and be available online or through your mobile device, making it easy and efficient to choose which course of medical treatment is appropriate, without unnecessary patient discomfort, travel, or expense.