Digital X-Ray

  • Hospital-grade, digital, and portable equipment
  • Our licensed and certified radiologic technologists are able to obtain and review images on-site or at bedside
  • Interpretation and results issued by US based, Board certified Radiologists

As you know, determining whether a patient requires professional treatment involves going more than skin deep. For this reason, VuePoint provides mobile X-ray services that are designed to let you know quickly and effectively whether your patient needs to see a specialist.

VuePoint utilizes digital imaging equipment and all wireless Direct Radiographic (DR) systems. Unlike traditional X-rays, digital radiology is a form of imaging where digital sensors are used in place of photographic film. This allows radiology technicians to forgo traditional film processing and makes it simple to digitally transfer the resulting images to our Radiologists for prompt interpretation.

As a mobile X-ray provider, VuePoint makes it far simpler to obtain and review images remotely, all while reducing patient exposure to radiation. This makes digital X-ray a safe, prompt and cost-effective way to determine whether your patient needs to make a visit to the hospital before committing to the time and expense.