Electrocardiography (ECG/EKG)

  • Hospital-grade, digital, and portable equipment
  • Our technicians perform 12 lead, self-interpretive electrocardiography (ECG/EKG) testing on-site or at bedside
  • Interpretation and results issued by US based, Board certified Cardiologists

Heart problems are never something that should be ignored, but seeking emergency care for anything other than a heart attack can be extremely expensive. If you have a patient who has heart concerns but is not experiencing an emergency, a mobile ECG/EKG can let you know what the next step in their treatment plan should be.

A mobile ECG/EKG will aid in determining the cause of chest pain, pressure, and other symptoms of heart disease. Getting an ECG/EKG is also a way to tell if mechanical pacemakers and medications are working and whether they are causing negative side effects for the heart.

An ECG/EKG is a simple procedure, meaning that a visit to a diagnostic facility/hospital is often unnecessary. For this reason, VuePoint offers mobile echocardiography services to simplify the time and financial burden of monitoring heart health.

At VuePoint, we offer 12 lead, self-interpretive ECG/EKG testing, with Cardiologist interpretation and results available online or through a mobile device.