Do you bill the insurance carrier?2019-03-11T23:54:50+00:00

We do bill patient insurance directly for long term care, home health services, and assisted living.

If it rains, can an exam still be performed in a home?2019-03-11T23:54:17+00:00

Yes. A technologist will call to schedule the exam. We do place the safety of our patients and employees first through inclement weather situations.

Will I get a notification for a significant finding on a critical report?2019-03-11T23:53:44+00:00

Yes. We can custom set up a cellular or email notification that will send you a notification. This notification will direct you to a HIPPA compliant website to view your report.

Can I order an exam online?2019-06-10T00:29:39+00:00

Yes. We will be able to set up our web-based program on your computer, cellular device, or tablet.

Do I have to wait on hold to place an order?2019-06-10T00:30:06+00:00

There are no wait times. Our call center is open 24/7 for all ordering and customer service needs, this call center is located in Gadsden, AL.

What is your expected turn around time from order being placed to receiving a result?2019-03-11T23:52:19+00:00

Our goal is to have the report within 2 hours for a STAT and 4 hours for a routine.

If an exam is done in my home, will there be a co-pay that I am responsible for?2019-03-11T23:51:47+00:00

If you do have a co-pay, the amount would not be larger than what you would pay at the physician’s office.

Do you have a step rule that limits you to entering a patient’s home?2019-03-11T23:51:21+00:00

No. We generally evaluate steps and switch staff to make physical adjustments to accommodate, if necessary. We request that you make us aware if there is a difficult entry to the patient.

What are the service cut off times?2019-03-11T23:50:32+00:00

Our routine service times operate from 8:00 am-7:00 pm

Our STAT service times operate from 7:00 pm-8:00 am

Do you provide weekend Ultrasound services?2019-03-11T23:49:57+00:00

Yes. We provide services 365 days a year. We generally have all exams completed within a 12 hour window.

Do you have a patient weight limit?2019-03-11T23:48:36+00:00

No. Our machines are equipped with a protective grid to ensure we are not limited to any amount of weight.

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